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Learn how Caredove's referral management platform helps hospitals, insurers and health systems create trusted networks of home care and community services.
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Traditional Community Care Referrals Are Broken

Finding a trusted CBO is hard, and connecting them to service is even harder.
Why are we still using fax machines and playing phone tag?

Failure rate of traditional referrals to CBOs
Year over year increase in health spending (US) primarily due to acute care costs
Of all health systems & insurers that are trying to find alternatives to hospitalization
Long wait times and missed appointments lead to costly and unnecessary re-hospitalizations

Why Caredove Is Better

We're revolutionizing the way access to community care services work.

98% of referrals booked in Caredove have a set appointment time
Each patient knows who will help them and when
Each patients knows the next step in their care journey
Referrals that have outcomes set after the appointment is conuducted

Caredove Produces Visible Results

With fewer missed appointments and greater referral results,
you'll wonder why you didn't start using Caredove sooner.

Connection rate on referrals
Payer cost growth when using Caredove
45% referral growth year over year
4 hour workload reduction for CBOs for every 10 booked referrals

Discover How Caredove Works For You

Select from the top community service providers. Know that every referral matters, every loop is closed and every transition is awesome.

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"Caredove is awesome!"
- Meals on Wheels CEO
"Caredove is awesome!"
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"Caredove is awesome!"
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"Caredove is awesome!"
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"Caredove is awesome!"
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"Caredove is awesome!"
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